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Call girls in Mumbai using identity cards of Star hotels, airlines and BPOs

By Flynn Remedios – Futuristic Media Network

The Mumbai police and particularly the Social Service Branch of the Crime Branch at Mumbai investigating the misuse of social networking website http://www.orkut.com by high class call girls and pimps have chanced upon a very disturbing trend in the flesh trade.

An additional commissioner of police under whom the department falls, said that many “women of the night” are using perfect forgeries of identity cards belonging to BPOs, Airlines and even the Hotel industry. Speaking to this journalist, he said, “Our flying squads and night patrols intercept people traveling in the wee hours of the night. We also stop and conduct checks at traffic intersections and at naka bandis. However, when anybody flashes an identity card of a reputed organization our officers and constables immediately let them go without any further questions or further checks.

For the last few years, press and TV media id cards were the most misused even by errant drivers and sometimes inebriated drivers who would jump signals and when accosted by a traffic policeman would flash a “Press Card” of a prominent newspaper or television channel.

“Many times our officers not wanting to “inconvenience” genuine journalists who may be rushing to cover a story or event would just let them go. This modus operandi has been in use for quite some time now,” explains a former Mumbai traffic police commissioner.

According to police sources, “however a very disturbing trend is the growing misuse of Id cards belonging to Airlines, five star hotels and even BPOs, all of whose employees are required to work late hours and in shifts. In the last one month we have detained about 50 persons all over Mumbai, most of them women misusing such ID cards.”

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