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Divya Dwivedi nude in a Hollywood film

By Flynn Remedios – Futuristic Media Network

Bollywood bombshell and sex siren Divya Dwivedi will be seen in the buff for a “big- budget, big banner” Hollywood film. So excited is Divya about her forthcoming Hollywood film, that at a recent audition for a ad film at a studio at Versova in suburban Mumbai, Divya got into her element and forgot that she was auditioning for an ad film. She went overboard and the director had to call ‘cut’ and even reprimand the over enthusiastic Divya for forgetting where she was.

Recently Divya was seen in the Lakhan Sinha produced Jahan Jaaeyega Hamen Paaeyega with Govinda and Sakshi Shivanand. She also acted in the Rakesh Sawant-directed Hot Money and was also seen in Kuch Kaha Aapne with Ayub Khan and Mukesh Tiwari. Divya has almost 20 films to her credit though unfortunately none have been box office hits.

Speaking to this journalist, Divya said, “It’s a big project. I have read the script and the script demands the role, so I am willing to do it. It’s an international project and I am the only Indian artiste and actress in the film. Most other actors are American while two other girls are German. I am proud to be chosen for the role, which will put to test all my acting skills.”

When queried about the exact nature of the role, she says that she plays the role of a beautiful, sexy, hot woman who is traditionally married at a very young age and living in the US. Unfortunately, her husband who is an engineer with an oil company gets killed in a tragic accident and her in laws spurn her as the bringer of bad luck and the cause of her husband’s death. So she moves out in search of her own livelihood and then begins a devastating tale that sees her character being tossed from one man to the other, from one relationship to another, where she is used and misused by almost everyone in the glamour and fashion industry.

Finally she learns to make it to the top professionally at least, and realises that her body is her ultimate weapon. She uses her body and her sexuality to the maximum to subjugate and conquer and conquer she does. It’s a dramatic story about the trials and tribulations, but also speaks volumes about the characters’ resilience and tenacity. “It’s a very bold role and it’s a challenge to be chosen for such a role, explains Divya.

According to the director of the film who didn’t want to be named as yet, the film will have scenes where Divya is shown nude though in complete darkness. Another has a date rape scene where her character gets raped by her own boyfriend whom she is ‘dating’. And the last scene where she sleeps with an international fashion designer just before the night of an international fashion show to ensure that she is not ‘thrown out’ of the event. However, none of the scenes would be “X-rated” and the film is likely to get an A certificate without any cuts, he explained.


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