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5 Star hotel staff taken for a ride by Neetu Chandra

By Flynn Remedios – Futuristic Media Network

The sexy and wild Neetu Chandra was in her element last week. While shooting for One, Two, Three at Mud Island – a scenic locale on the outskirts of Mumbai which is as its name suggests a small island along the coastline of Mumbai near suburban Malad,

The place also houses two 5 star luxury hotels, whose names we won’t mention right now, let’s say out of courtesy.

Neetu who plays a Jat cop in the movie was in her ‘full policewalla uniform’ with glares, badges, revolver and all. Along with the sizzling Neetu, were two hawaldars also in full hawaldar uniform with ‘danda’ and whistles. This journalist happened to be around for an ‘interview’ with the actress.

During the shoot, the ever fidgety Neetu decided to have some fun. She ‘summoned’ her constables and decided to ‘check’ the licenses and other ‘permissions’ at the hotel. So she marched up to the hotel, walked into the main reception area and called for the Manager. While the receptionist and the others in the hotel lobby scurried away promptly to call their boss, Neetu and her ‘orderlies’ walked into the posh restaurant adjoining the lobby.

The hotel manager who was told by his colleagues that ‘an ACP has walked in on a surprise check’ came running down only to find out to his chagrin that ‘ACP’ was none other than a beautiful, sexy woman.

Of course, while Neetu was dressed in a policewoman’s uniform, with all her insignias intact, her designer had made sure that ‘some cleavage’ was definitely showing. The poor hotel manager didn’t know what to do. He had probably handled a lot of ‘difficult’ cops in his career as an F&B and Hospitality professional, but here was a ‘new gorgeous ACP in a tight uniform’ – too much for a poor F&B Manager. Unfortunately, for him or for the hotel staff, none of them recognized the actress.

The look of bewilderment on their eyes was too much for Neetu and her team. They quickly ordered some chai ‘and coffee for madam’ to break the ice, while the manager looked on his tongue too frozen to speak. Then madam decided enough was enough. She called for the bill and decided to scoot before she could break out into peals of laughter. However, the manager who had by then found his tongue, wouldn’t let her settle the bill and insisted that she also try some of the delicacies at the hotel.

Knowing how Neetu loves to eat, this was a tough call for even a cop. However, better sense prevailed and she stomped out after giving the manger a piece of her mind. She kept a straight face right through the short distance from the hotel to the sets, but burst out laughing when she reached there. The entire unit was stumped. They didn’t know what had happened and why Neetu had tears of joy in her eyes.


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