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I did not sleep with Yuvi, says actress Anjali

Responding to a report in a popular Mumbai tabloid about her so-called affair and relationship with the handsome ladies man and cricketer Yuvraj Singh, well-known model and actress Anjali Pandey said that she did not sleep with Yuvi. Clarifying about what she was quoted as saying in the published article, she said that she meant that “she shared a great working relationship with Yuvraj Singh during their photo shoot and not a physical relationship”. “I was misquoted,” she added.

Some of super model Anjali Pandey’s campaigns include the Seagrams Imperial Blue TVC, the UTV Bindass campaign, a campaign for Kalyan Silks – a very well known brand of silk garments in South India and of course the Hero Honda television commercial with Yuvraj Singh. She has done thousands of print ads and other lesser known television commercials. She is known for her Idea Cellular campaign with the line “Dad can you pick me up”.

“Yuvi and I were shooting for the Hero Honda commercial and during our interaction; Yuvi came across as a perfect gentleman. He was very kind and helpful and even went out of his way to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. He was very good to me. We bonded very well and became good friends. But I did not go to bed with him, as wrongly alleged in the report,” said an agitated Anjali Pandey.

“I meant that we shared a fantastic working relationship during the shoot and Yuvi was very down-to-earth and helpful. He is very sophisticated and yet friendly and simple. “It is true that we chatted a lot and even flirted with each other, but that does not mean that we were sleeping together,” she explained adding that during that time according to the best of her knowledge, Yuvi was going very strong with actress Kim Sharma.

“I was definitely attracted to him. He is simply so perfect, but I knew that he was seeing another woman and didn’t even try to cross the Lakshman Rekha. Yes if he was single and available at that time, I would have definitely taken a step further,” she stated.

But at that time, there was nothing more between us besides a good friendship. We didn’t have any thing physical to do with each other. After the shoot was over, we packed our bags and unfortunately haven’t been in touch with each other as Yuvi is very busy and I keep traveling all over for my work,” explained Anjali.


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