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Sheryln Chopra banned by Lokhandwala Gym – Hottie to sue Gym for humiliation

By a Futuristic Media Network Correspondent

Outrageous hottie Sherlyn Chopra has been banned from working out in two of Lokhandwala’s prominent gyms. According to the manager of a well-known gym attended by many other Bollywood personalities, Sherlyn had paid for an annual membership and diligently started working out last week.

“She would come to the gym in the morning for her workout, but we had a problem controlling our own trainers who were all too keen on personally training the hottie,” said Amar Chauhan one of the floor managers at an up market gym that also houses a popular coffee shop and watering hole at Lokhandwala in suburban Mumbai.

In her recently released and classily shot Pralhad Kakkar video “Outrageous”, Sherlyn was seen as kick ass, no-nonsense seducer. Unfortunately, the best scenes and frames came under the Censor Board’s scissors who insisted on chopping off the really “cool” part. Sherlyn will be seen in a completely new avatar in her second video Dard which will go on air in mid-March.

One of the women, Sonal, an actress herself, who is also a regular at the particular gym said that Sherlyn was not all to be blamed. “I was only concentrating on my workout. I didn’t even notice that most male and female eyes were on me,” says Sherlyn who was disturbed that the Gym asked her to change her timings for no fault of her own.

The manager admitted that two trainers almost came to blows as both of them wanted to have the privilege of “working on” Sherlyn. Not just the gym staff and the trainers, even the others couldn’t concentrate on their training and workouts. The women would stare at Sherlyn out of sheer jealously for the special attention she got from the trainers and other gym staff, while the men couldn’t take their eyes off her abundant assets which were amply displayed in her skin tight outfits that barely covered anything.

Unfortunately Sherlyn who is “working out” furiously to tone and firm up her butt muscles for her new video titled Dard which is to be shot next month was told that she would either have to come at an unearthly and odd hour which wouldn’t cause a distraction to the others or simply find a new place to work out. She chose the latter option.

A similar episode was repeated a week later at a Gym at Four Bungalows and a dejected Sherlyn decided that working out at home was the best option.

Sherlyn said that she had asked her lawyers to send a legal notice to the Gym concerned for causing her humiliation and mental torture. She also plans to haul them up over the coals for the disruption in her training schedule.


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