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Rakhi Sawant v/s Sherlyn Chopra – the catfight

Rakhi Sawant calls Sherlyn Chopra “nangi” – Sherlyn retorts by calling her “pagli”

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The mother of all wars seems to have just begun. This time it’s Sherlyn Chopra versus Rakhi Sawant. Apparently, when asked by a TV channel about an incident in Delhi, Rakhi allegedly called Sherlyn ‘nangi’ sparking a verbal duel between the two cats.

The story goes like this. At a recent event at Pragati Maidan in Delhi over the weekend, “Outrageous” babe Sherlyn Chopra and Rakhi Sawant were performing one after the other at the same show. Apparently, Sherlyn’s costumes and dance performance was so hot and steamy that at the last minute the show organizers asked Sherlyn to tone down the costumes and prepare a new performance.

At the 11th hour, Sherlyn had to get a new medley cut and purchase costumes from Delhi. An angry Sherlyn later raised a hue and cry when TV reporters asked her about the change. She also suggested that probably some of the other performers jealous of her upstaging them had prevailed upon the organisers to get her to tone down her show. Though Sherlyn did not say it in as many words, the jibe was obviously at Rakhi Sawant who is known to brow beat organisers into canning performances by rival artistes to ensure that she gets the maximum media mileage.

This allegation was widely reported in the local media who asked Rakhi as to why her outfits paled before the defiant Sherlyn. Rakhi is supposed to have given the reporters her usual spiel followed by something like; Sherlyn hardly wears any clothes, so what’s the big fuss about. She also called her “nangi” while answering another question as aired by a particular TV channel.

When Sherlyn heard about this, she retorted angrily that Rakhi was probably inebriated and out of her mind.


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