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Sherlyn Chopra sends legal notice to website – PETA TO FOLLOW

“its an invasion of my privacy, this photo is taken without my permission or consent,” says the Outrageous babe..

By a Futuristic Media Network Correspondent

Outrageous Bollywood actress and most downloaded Bollywood babe Sherlyn Chopra has sent a legal notice to a website www.bollytreat.com through her media managers Bollywood Brands for publishing doctored, manipulated and defamatory images of hers, which the website alleges were taken at the recent PETA Press Conference.

Sherlyn Chopra claims that she never posed for such images and never permitted any photographer to click such photographs of her. She also stated that her media managers who were present throughout the press conference, along with PETA representatives have asserted that Sherlyn could not have even mistakenly been “caught” in the poses as allegedly “shot and published by the website”.

Sherlyn’s notice demands an unconditional public apology from the website for infringing her privacy, causing her grave mental torture, outraging her modesty and breach of trust and copyright. Since Sherlyn Chopra signed on with Bollywood Brands, the copyright of all her photographs are jointly held by Bollywood Brands and herself and permission has to be sought for publishing any images which may have been taken without her knowledge.

Speaking about the issue, Sherlyn said, “Yes I have posed in bikinis but those are with my express permission. I also get paid for those photos by the agencies or websites who buy them. Further, each picture or photograph that goes out is individually approved by me after ensuing that its not vulgar but aesthetic and artistic.”

”This is a question of “invasion of my privacy”. Further the website has doctored and manipulated the photos. At no point in time, even for a split second were my legs in such in position to reveal my innerwear,” asserted the Outrageous babe.

PETA India head, Anuradha Sawhney said that PETA was discussing this issue with their lawyers. “We are outraged at this blatant misuse and manipulation of Sherlyn’s photos. At no point did she pose in such a fashion. It is an infringment of Sherlyn’s privacy, besides has also shown PETA in a bad light. It is not only defamatory for Sherlyn but for PETA too as Sherlyn is endorsing a PETA campaign.

This incident sparks a new controversy in the Controversy Queen’s life, but also brings to light the blatant violation of the privacy of Bollywood stars who have been illegally shot by hidden cameras or unscrupulous photographers who shoot ‘fluke shots’ and further digitally manipulate them to give them a ‘real feel’ making them vulgar and obscene and in the bargain causing tremendous embarrassment to the concerned actress.

Please Note: The allegedly defamatory image is published above for representational purposes only and is not for publication. The image is used above for viewing by a restricted audience only. Please blurr the offending and defamatory sections before using this image.

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