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Watch out Tollywood, here comes Bollywood bombshell Sherlyn Chopra

By Flynn RemediosFuturistic Media Network

Bollywood bombshell and Outrageous bikini babe Sherlyn Chopra is going to set the Kannada and southern film industry on fire. Other established southern sirens had better watch out, for Sherlyn is determined to leave no stone unturned to give them a run for their money. She has bagged two big projects – one an item song and another a lead role in a big budget Tamil film. Sherlyn says she “dares all the other girls in Tollywood to bare all and prove who has the hottest bikini bod.”
“I am willing to go nude, if the script and project demands it. I have the most fantastic body and I am proud of it,” she said.

“When I do something I give it my hundred per cent. I will do what ever it takes to be the best and make an impression in Tollywood,” says a fiery Sherlyn when asked how she would compete with the existing lot. Sherlyn is known for her uncanny ability to look sexy in anything she wears, whether it’s a skirt or jeans or her trade mark G-strings. According to reliable sources, Sherlyn Chopra will be seen gyrating to a steaming hot item number in the Kannada movie titled Madehsha starring Shivraj Kumar – son of Dr Raj Kumar. The lead heroine is not yet finalized, but sources said that Sherlyn was the most likely choice for the lead.

Madeshsha is directed by Ravi Srivatsa and is produced by Govardhan Murthy. Sherlyn is expected to shoot the red hot item number in Bangalore during the second or third week of March this year. The item song will be choreographed by Imran Sardhariya and is expected to be one of the most expensive productions ever made in the Kannada film industry. Many other Bollywood actresses including Malaika Arora Khan and Sameera Reddy were approached for this item number, but Sherlyn Chopra won hands down for her Outrageous and wild, devil-may-dare image, curvaceous body and great dancing feet. Sherlyn is a fantastic dancer and could put J Lo, Britney, the Pussy Cat Dolls and even Shakira to shame. Other Tollywood dancers and actresses would be left far behind if Sherlyn decides to shake her booty in Tollywood. In addition to this project, Sherlyn will also be playing the lead role in a Tamil film. She is tightlipped on this project as her director-producer has asked her not to breathe a word about the project. However, a source close to Sherlyn said the project deals with a real life situation and is a ‘drama in real life’.

Sherlyn when contacted refused to deny or confirm the news. “My manager istalking to them, we are discussing certain issues, you can ask him if it’sconfirmed or not,” was all that the sex bomb would say. “You can confirmthis news with Bollywood Brands who are negotiating on my behalf.”

Insiders say that Sherlyn Chopra is being paid Rs 35 lakh for doing the item song. Apparently, the producer-director duo were so keen on having Sherlyn do the item number that they agreed to pay her the outrageous sum, even though other well-known girls in the industry were quoting only half of Sherlyn’s price.

Sherlyn Chopra was also chosen for her J Lo like butt. It may be recalled that recently Sherlyn Chopra had undergone plastic surgery to augment and enlarge her derriere and had her butt re-modeled to look exactly like JLo’s. Her music video and album Outrageous was showcased to a standing ovation in Barcelona, Spain at the Global Mobile World Awards. Sherlyn is slated to be working on a couple of Hollywood projects as well with Robert Redford and the Black Eyed Peas. She has promised to tell us about these projects very soon.

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