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Sherlyn Chopra composes special national integration song for Raj, Balasaheb, Lallu and Nitish…

By Flynn RemediosFuturistic Media Network

Outrageous Bollywood bombshell
Sherlyn Chopra has composed a special song for the sparring political leaders, in different parts of the country that urges them to forget their differences and concentrate on the economic development of the nation, she announced at a special Press Meet on Saturday at the Vie Lounge, at Juhu in suburban Mumbai.

Since the war of words broke out between political leaders, Raj Thackeray of the MNS, Balasaheb Thackeray of the Shiv Sena on one side and Amar Singh, Nitesh Kumar and Lallu Prasad Yadav on the other, many Bollywood personalities like Nana Patekar, SRK, Aamir Khan, Suneil Shetty, etc have voiced their opinion, sentiment and support for and against the politicians and their cause.

However, the queen of internet downloads, inspired by Black Eyed Peas front man Will.i.am’s inspirational song – for US Presidential candidate Barrack Obama – “Yes we Can” has penned a verse on her own. Will.i.am’s “Yes we Can”, registered over 10 million hits on You Tube in a matter of a few weeks and Sherlyn hopes that her track too which is “greatly inspired by her friend Will.i.am” whom she met with recently at the Global Mobile Awards in Barcelona will have reasonable success. “It’s like our very own Hum Honge Kamiyaab” but in English and has a hip hop feel to it,” says Sherlyn who recited the song for the media on Saturday. The final version of the music is yet to be done, she said.

The lyrics go something like: “It doesn’t matter if we are dark or fair, it doesn’t matter if we call it pooja or prayer; It doesn’t matter if we have different opinions, it doesn’t matter if we have different dominions; It doesn’t matter if we belong to Bihar or Maharashtra, it doesn’t matter if we belong to Chennai or Andhra; We can all still be one, Yes we can, Yes we can; We can be enemies with none, Yes we can. We can be ONE INDIA, no matter who we are, no matter where we are, Yes we can, Yes we can!

She is working on the music with DJ Akbar Sami and it will ready for release in the next few days, said actress and singer Sherlyn Chopra.


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