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Sherlyn Chopra gets her butt remodeled to J Lo’s by hi tech surgery. Goes under the surgeon’s knife for the second time for correctional surgery…

By Frank Franklyn – Futuristic Media Network

It was reported earlier that Outrageous babe Sherlyn Chopra had undergone “butt surgery” to make her derriere look bigger and plumper like J Lo’s. However, the operation was not entirely successful. According to Dr John Bernard from California who was the architect of the operation, “Sherlyn began exercising and working out too soon. We had recommended a rest period of three weeks. However, Sherlyn was in a hurry to start work on her new music video titled ‘Dard’ and began her dance practise and rehearsals way too soon. The newly injected fat which was sucked out of her thighs didn’t get time to settle down into the Gluteus which are the muscles of the butt region. As a result the shape and contours of Sherlyn derriere got distorted from what was originally planned and intended and hence the need for another surgery.”

Sherlyn’s Media Manager Flynn Remedios stated that the shooting of her video ‘Dard’ has been postponed by approximately two weeks to enable Sherlyn to undergo the correctional surgery.

When we confronted Sherlyn with news of her first butt surgery in February, she quipped, “I would be lying if I said no. My natural derriere was not big enough as per my standards, and I wanted to augment it to make it look plumper. The world could see it very soon in my second video titled Dard. I hope it’s a perfect gift for all my lovers in India and abroad.”

Elaborating further, Sherlyn’s Media Manager who was present throughout the surgery said that Sherlyn had under gone butt Surgery to make her butt look bigger and rounder like J Lo for her new video Dard. Her butt was contoured and remodeled specially for this music video. This is probably the first time that a Bollywood personality has gone on record to talk about a BJ (pun intended) or Butt Job.

While boob jobs, nose jobs, tummy jobs are very common in Bollywood,this is the first time that a butt is being made bigger. Normally butts are made smaller.

Bollywood stars may have gone in for butt re shaping and re engineering to make theirs firmer or smaller, but Sherlyn likes every thing big and has made no bones about it has gone out of her way to go through very demanding surgery to make her derriere bigger.

According to Dr Hemant Kumar of KIMS Hospital at Hyderabad, “the Gluteus are part of the pelvic and bum muscle group and are responsible for giving each bum an individual shape. The contours are also decided by the fat and water content in the fat cells that are attached to the Gluteus muscles of the butt region. Sherlyn Chopra’s surgery was done by a team of specialist surgeons led by Dr John Bernard who specially flew down from California.

This team has performed hundreds of such similar operations on various Hollywood personalities, he added. While it could not be confirmed both Britney Spears and J Lo have had similar operations and surgery to uplift their derriere. It is rumoured that even Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek have had their backsides surgically contoured.

For the first surgery, Sherlyn had to undergo a series of operations and was in surgery for a total of about 240 hours. For the following week she was under complete bed rest and was suspended in the air from ‘hangers’. However, after the entire ordeal is over including the correctional surgery she will have one of the most prized, exotic and curvaceous butts in all of Bollywood. It will be comparable to some of the best ‘back sides’ in the rest of the world. The operation will cost Sherlyn Chopra upwards of Rs 25 lakh though the exact figure is not known.Sherlyn’s operation is a prelude to her next video for her album Outrageous and is titled Dard. The first video is still on air and was produced by ace adman and film maker Pralhad Kakkar. The second video will be far more explosive that the first one – but only if the censor board lets us all see it.


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