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Deepshikha livid with Dhoom Dhadaka producer Shashi Ranjan

Swears never to work with him again….

The hot and sexy Deepshikha – who has had four film releases this year in 5 months – a record for any actress, is livid and fuming with rage. Her anger is directed (with good reason) at her film Dhoom Dhadaka’s producer Shashi Ranjan whom Deepshi’s (as she is known to friends) colleagues in the industry allege has purposely slighted the spunky and never-say-die actress.

Deepshikha who was seen in Partner, Bhram (where she plays the role of an up market socialite journo aka Shobha De with Sheetal Menon), and the recently released Pranali and Dhoom Dhadaka has refused to comment on the issue. She even refused to answer calls from ‘friendly journalists who have known her for ages’.

Apparently, close friends said that Deepshi was so upset and angry that she switched off her phones and locked herself in her room for the embarrassment and humiliation that she was subjected to over the last week. She refused to eat for two days and swore to herself that she will never speak or work with Shashi Ranjan again.

Though she never made any statement throughout against her producer or anyone else in the film, sources say that Deepshikha had enough when during the premier she was not given ‘enough attention’ and other itsy-bitsy good-for-nothing models were fawned upon and showered with unwanted attention.

Her close friends say that though Deepshikha is senior to both Aarti Chabbria and Shama Sikander – having done about 15 films till date – beginning with Koyla in 1997, followed by Baadshah, Dillagi, Mahal, Rishtey, Dukaan, Pyaar Mein Twist, Corporate, Red Swastik, and more recently Partner, Lara, (yet-to-be-released) Bhram and Pranali, deserved to get better treatment.

She was not seen in any of the promos or posters of the film, neither was she given due importance as a senior actress during the on-ground promos and events related with the release of the film. She was not featured in the write-ups and other media activity centered on the film. A humble Deepshikha stayed cool as a cucumber as she wasn’t bothered with all the ‘politics associated with any film release’, but broke down when the film finally released.

While Shama and Aarti were “all about the place, were dotted upon as the leading ladies and looked after by the producer and the rest of the entourage, Deepshikha was not given due respect and pride of place”, according to one of Deepshika’s close friends who was present with her throughout the release of the film and the ensuing activity. The icing on the cake was on the day of the premier when she was almost ‘ignored’ by her producer.

Shashi Ranjan refused to comment when queried.


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