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By Frank Franklyn – Futuristic Media Network

Reacting to an article in a local Mumbai tabloid, which said that Bollywood actress and mega-brand Rakhi Sawant has gone under the knife, and had plastic surgery Rakhi’s well-connected PR machinery sprung into action. “Rakhi has not undergone any facial surgery or any kind of artificial treatment recently. She hasn’t been under the knife as incorrectly reported. It was just a different kind of look that the Item Queen and enigmatic actress was trying out,” said a release from Futuristic Media Network, Rakhi’s Imaging and Branding Agency.

Elaborating on the issue, Rakhi Sawant’s official spokesperson, Media Manager and publicist Flynn Remedios said, “Rakhi was wearing a natural French-style make up. She had taken some lessons from a phirangi make-up artiste-stylist and wanted to try out the effect on herself. In fact, we told her she looks totally different and the media may not be able to comprehend the difference but she wanted to do something different.

Rakhi was also exhausted after a few days of continuous rehearsals besides was facing the strain of a relationship gone sour. “My relationship with Abhishek is over. We all have to move on in life. Life goes on and disappointment and failure is all part of the growing up process. The only Constant in Life is Change. I have moved on and put the past behind me. We all fall down and rise up and begin all over again. I have begun a new innings. Abhishek is a closed chapter in my life and I do not want to discuss him ever again,” said Rakhi.


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