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Mega-Brand Rakhi to have a major online presence

By Frank Franklyn – Futuristic Media Network

Bollywood actress, mega-brand and Item Queen the enigmatic and inimitable Rakhi Sawant will hit the Information Highway in a big way. Firstly, she has gifted herself (for her birthday on the 25th November) a brand new sleek and sexy, latest model laptop loaded with all the tech goodies – Wi Fi, Bluetooth, Integrated Wireless LAN and a high-speed internet connection which will keep her online 24×7 where ever she goes.

Also in the pipeline is a new personal website which will have interactive chat features where her fans can log in and chat with Rakhi in real time. Of course, Rakhi will be online time permitting and will reply to messages, instant messaging (IM) and chat. She will also reply to email from her millions of fans across the world. Her new website which will be online in approximately a month will have mobile chat and mobile blogging features. Fans, well wishers and others can send messages via SMS to a long code number which Rakhi will reply to as she finds time in her already jam-packed schedule. The website will also have a short code facility where fans can SMS and download the latest Rakhi Sawant wallpapers directly to their mobile phones.

Her website will host clips, wallpapers, mobile downloads, video and audio files, personally signed wallpapers and other memorabilia. Her sexy music videos which propelled Rakhi into instant stardom and fame will of course be showcased but in the ‘Nostalgia’ section. She will be connected to her website via GPRS through a hand phone device besides her laptop that will enable her to check feedback and messages on the go.

This is part of a major image and perception re-engineering and make over exercise planned for Rakhi Sawant by Futuristic Media Network. Elaborating on this exercise, Flynn Remedios said, “Rakhi Sawant is already a household name. Everybody in India and all Indians living abroad have heard and know of Rakhi Sawant – a few may have hated her, but most people love her for her inimitable style. Like they say, love her or hate her, but you surely can’t ignore her. We are giving Rakhi a kind of make over, adding a touch of sophistication and finesse with a dash of technology. We want to present a new Rakhi Sawant to audiences in a few months.”


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