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December 12, 2008 (NLSC/PR4)

Dear friends in the Media and all Indians,

In spite of the terror attacks on India’s financial capital that left over 180 persons dead and several others injured, and crippled the bustling and glorious city of Mumbai, albeit for just five days, (and in spite of the well-meaning travel advisories of nations like the USA cautioning their citizens from visiting India), 12 Nobel Laureates from all over the World will attend Asia’s largest and first Science Conclave at the IIIT-Allahabad from 15 to 21st December 2008.

This is a slap on the face of terrorism – it goes a long way to prove that India is a safe place for all peace-loving human beings – irrespective of regional or local affiliations – to work, study, grow and prosper. THIS IS A PROUD MOMENT FOR ALL OF US INDIANS.

I write to you – firstly as a proud Indian and then as the National Media Co-ordinator of the Science Conclave 2008 to kindly give this event the maximum publicity and coverage through your Newspaper, News channel, Business channel, General Entertainment Channel, Portal, Website and even through your personal blog. We have to tell the world that 12 international Nobel Laureates are not scared of staying in India for a whole week and interacting with our young minds freely without any hindrance.

We also need to motivate our youth and make them understand that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. We as a nation must become a Knowledge Powerhouse if we want to be a Global Superpower. And what better way to do this than to promote and propagate cutting-edge technologies and latest scientific information to the thousands of Indian youth even in the remotest of our villages.

Kindly cover in detail. Kindly cover every lecture or talk and ensure that the “pearls of wisdom” from these enlightened minds are not lost to those who need them.

A special appeal to the local and vernacular Media – to all regional TV channels and Newspapers – please go out of your way IN THE INTEREST OF OUR NATION to bring this event to the masses. We may not be able to provide you press releases and write ups in your regional or local language in real time, but please accept my sincere apologies for this. Please arrange to translate the material we send out and ensure that it is covered in all local and regional publications. Kindly help us get this event to every Indian and even to the rest of the World.

Please forward this to your editor (in case I have missed out on someone in error) and to all your friends in the Media.

Flynn Remedios
National Media Co-ordinator
Science Conclave, IIIT-Allahabad


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