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Mumbai, December 12, 2008: Asia’s biggest gathering of Nobel Laureates at the Science Conclave 2008, IIIT-Allahabad will be podcast and webcast live for the benefit of millions of students all over India.

According to Dr M D Tiwari, Founding Director, IIIT-A, “To document for posterity the invaluable knowledge imparted by 12 living legends from across the world, the IIIT-A administration has permitted the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and the Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC) of the University Grants Commission to record the entire event. The proceedings will then be used for developing e-content to be broadcasted by CEC through its 24-hour channel — Vyas — on higher education and by IGNOU through its educational web cast. This is done to present a repository of knowledge for generations to come.”

He added the permission for the recordings had been granted by IIIT-A, but the copyright of the content will remain with the institute. “Both IGNOU and CEC have agreed in principle to acknowledge the support of IIIT-A in the development of e-content and broadcasting of the talks, lectures and interaction,” said Dr Tiwari. The Science Conclave is the brainchild of Dr Tiwari and his dedicated faculty at IIIT-A, who have been working on this project for the last one year.

For the benefit of the media across the country and to ensure that even local and regional channels and publications are able to cover the event, all recorded lectures and interaction will be made available via a live podcast in real time, said Flynn Remedios, National Media Co-ordinator, Science Conclave, IIIT-A. Additionally, lectures and other content will be translated into regional language for the benefit of all and webcast.

Many portals and leading websites across the country have shown interest in webcasting the prestigious event, which is the first of its kind in India.

The Nobel Laureates Conclave is part of the Science Conclave 2008 – a mega symposium, exhibition and lecture series on science and technology at the IIIT-A and is a Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India initiative.

Indian and International media are invited to cover the event and also interact with the luminaries and Nobel Laureates. A special Media Open house with the Nobel Laureates will be held during the event.

All media persons desirous of attending this event are requested to contact FLYNN REMEDIOS on 09821889888 or on futuristicmedianetwork@gmail.com to register for this event.


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