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The WCPT-AWP & IAP Congress 2009 will be held from 22nd to 25th January’09 at the Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai. This is the 4th Asia-West Pacific (AWP) Regional Conference of the World Confederation of Physical Therapists (WCPT) conducted with the Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP). This significant four-day event will be inaugurated by WCPT President Dr Marilyn Moffat an eminent expert herself in the field of physical therapy. Many other leading luminaries from the realm of physiotherapy will be present and will conduct workshops and make presentations during this event.

Physical therapy is an important part of health service delivery systems around the world. The aim of physical therapists is to identify and maximize human movement potential within the sphere of promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in partnership with their clients. Keeping this in mind and the changing global health scenario the theme of the congress is “Physiotherapy in Service of Global Health and Disease Control”.

Experts from 23 member countries of the Asia West Pacific (AWP) region of the World Confederation of Physical Therapists (WCPT) will come together to share their experience, techniques and scientific knowledge in Clinical and Research areas in the field of Physical Therapy and to deliberate on professional issues at the symposiums, debates, workshops and panel discussions that are all part of this Congress.

About a thousand national and international experts and delegates from the Asia West Pacific region as well as from the United States of America will attend this Congress. Another thousand medical and physiotherapy students are expected to participate in the lectures and workshops. Four pre and post Congress technical workshops by eminent international faculty will be the salient features of the Congress. A Trade Exhibition is also part of the Congress to showcase products and equipment from India and all over the region and the entire medical community is expected to turn up for the exhibition.

Dr Ali Irani, President of IAP and Prof. D H Dastoor, Organising Secretary of the Joint Congress while welcoming this endeavor acknowledged that this is the first occasion when such a joint Congress on such a scale is being held in India. “Mumbai being the birthplace of physiotherapy in India, it is apt that Mumbai be the venue of this important joint Congress,” they added. Dr Ali Irani, Prof D H Dastoor and the entire Organising Committee extends a warm welcome to all the international delegates and experts and exhorts them to come together to foster friendship, harmony and share their professional experience, expertise and technique.

Dr Savita Ravindra, chairperson, AWP Region while welcoming the delegates says, “The primary objective of the Congress is to create a common platform wherein wisdom, knowledge and skills can be collectively put together to combat the fast growing diseases and disorders for a healthier world.”

According to Dr Marilyn Moffat, President, WCPT, “With the increasing impact of the diseases of civilization, as we see in obesity, smoking-related disorders, metabolic syndrome and the like upon our societies around the world, it becomes imperative that we not only treat and provide interventions for our patients and clients as we always have, but also we assume a major role in health promotion, wellness and fitness.”

For more information and Media Registration contact:

Flynn Remedios (Media Co-ordinator)
Tel: +919821889888
Email: remedios.flynn@gmail.com
Media updates on:
http://iapcongress2009.blogspot.com and http://futuristicmedianetwork.blogspot.com
Website: http://www.awpiap2009.com


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