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The Dr Nishita Sheth’s Cosmetology Clinic (DNCC)-promoted International Dermesthetic Academy (DNCC-IDA) last week announced a fast-track certificate course in Medical Cosmetology for doctors of various disciplines including General Practitioners (GPs) and Physicians. This is the first time that a professional training certificate course in this discipline is being held in India. While many institutes claim to offer training in cosmetology and beauty-fitness and related disciplines, the International Dermesthetic Academy is the first to offer courses accredited to international institutes.
This certificate course is part of the larger package of Aesthetic Medicine Courses offered by the DNCC-International Dermesthetic Academy. The first batch of the fast-track certificate course will commence from April 2009, said Dr Nishita Sheth, President of the DNCC-IDA, adding that prospective participants can obtain more information from www.dncc.in or from http://dncc-ida.blogspot.com
Some of the main subjects covered in the fast-track course will include the Basics of Dermatology, Aesthetic Dermatology, Chemical Peels, Anti-Ageing, Basics of Lasers, Anaesthesia, Microdermabrasion (both basic and advanced), Botox Treatment, Mesotherapy and the Treatment of Cellulite and Hair Loss besides others. Most subjects will include hands-on training, practical demonstration and technical workshops.

“As a special offer, doctors and medical practitioners who register for the course before the 31st March, 2009 can avail of a 20 per cent discount on course fees,” said Dr Nishita Sheth, while urging all medical practitioners to capitalize on the hands-on practical training offered by these workshops.
Giving further details, Dr Sheth said that the main faculty for the fast-track course will consist of Dr Rachita Dhurat who holds an MD (Skin) and is a Professor in Dermatology and HOD at the LTMN College and LTMG, Hospital, Sion, Mumbai. She is also the chairperson of the DNCC-IDA and a university faculty for post-graduate diploma and degree courses. She is a member of the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology, Asia Pacific Centre for Skin Ageing, Australia, International Master Course on Skin Ageing, Trichology Society of India, Indian Association for the Study of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and a member of the Indian Association of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology, explained Dr Sheth who will also serve as faculty for the Programme.
Dr Nishita Sheth herself has an MBBS and is a professionally qualified aesthetician, cosmetician and weight loss specialist who after her MBBS completed her cosmetology training from the Lillian Maund International School for Cosmetology, UK. She holds a diploma in Electrology, Beauty Training and the assessment of Body Beauty and Electrolysis from the City and Guild (UK).
Speaking about the institute, Dr Sheth explained that the DNCC-IDA is a dedicated institute for imparting knowledge and practical hands-on training in aesthetic medical science techniques and procedure and aims to provide the latest and cutting-edge information and technical skills imbibed from the best practices available world-wide. Their faculty consists of specialist doctors and dermatologists to teach dermatology and aesthetic doctors recognized by the National Society of Aesthetic Medicine. The courses are open to all Physicians, General Practitioners and others from the medical field.
For more information please email your queries to: futuristicmedianetwork@gmail.com

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