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Mumbai: March 28, 2009: For the first time in India, the Dr Nishita Sheth’s Cosmetology Clinic (DNCC) in Mumbai has announced a walk in-walk out, non-invasive, non-surgical bust enhancement technique – which has been accepted in developed nations like the US, UK, Ireland and most of Europe including Japan and Sweden.

Explaining the method, Dr Nishita Sheth said, “The procedure is very simple and normally should not take more than one hour. After consultation – once the doctor and patient have decided on the desired shape, size and volume of the bust – a local anesthetic is administered. Then a gel-like filler substance called Macrolane is injected deep into the breast tissue. As the Macrolane is injected, the plastic surgeon manipulates the breast, so that the fluid fills to create the best possible and desired shape.” Other fillers like Restylane or the popular Botox are used for facial injections and vary in terms of their thickness and viscosity.

More information and updates can be obtained from http://dncc-ida.blogspot.com

“We are the first to announce this technique in India and as a special offer are offering free consulting for this technique during the month of April at our clinic at Bandra in Mumbai,” said Dr Nishita Sheth of DNCC. Elaborating on the technique, Dr Nishita Sheth said that India is one of the best locations for all sort of cosmetology treatment.

“The cost of the treatment will depend on the amount of Macrolane that has to be injected, but is quite comparable to the commonly used silicone implant method for bust enhancement, said Dr Nishita Sheth.

This technique is also known as the boob-jab in the West (as versus the boob job that involved silicone implants necessitating surgery) and is a hot topic of discussion in cosmetology glossies with some articles claiming that one can get a boob-jab done painlessly in as much time as it takes to grab a sandwich. It has been touted as the latest cosmetic quick-fix miracle fad.

Many women have got ‘boob-jabs’ done during their lunch breaks, boosting not just their busts, but also their egos and self-confidence levels while munching on their lunch claims another article in a popular international women’s magazine.

About Dr Nishita Sheth and DNCC-IDA:

Dr Nishita Sheth (MBBS) – a professionally qualified aesthetician, cosmetician and weight loss specialist who after her MBBS has completed her cosmetology training from the Lillian Maund International School for Cosmetology, UK. She holds a diploma in Electrology, Beauty Training and the assessment of Body Beauty and Electrolysis from the City and Guild (UK). Dr Nishita Sheth is the President of the DNCC-IDA.

The DNCC-IDA is a dedicated institute for imparting knowledge and practical hands-on training in aesthetic medical science techniques and procedure and aims to provide the latest and cutting-edge information and technical skills imbibed from the best practices available world-wide. Their faculty consists of specialist doctors and dermatologists including Dr Rachita Dhurat (MD Skin, HOD, Dermatology, LTMG Hospital, Mumbai) to teach dermatology and other aesthetic doctors recognized by the National Society of Aesthetic Medicine. The courses are open to all Physicians, General Practitioners and others from the medical field.

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