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“Claudia is a very nice girl. I have even introduced her to my family” – Bollywood superstar Salman Khan

“Salman is really fearless and has a heart of gold. He is my hero,” Claudia Ciesla


Heart throb and the darling of millions of women, Bollywood badshah Salman Khan has officially acknowledged German supermodel and Hollywood actress Claudia Ciesla as his “special friend”.

According to a report in a national Kolkatta-based newspaper, Salman Khan has ‘confirmed’ to the Indian press his friendship with Claudia and has even introduced her to his family’

According to sources, Claudia is a very private person. She will never talk about her personal life. She refused to comment on her ‘relationship’ with Salman and even forbade her spokesperson Flynn Remedios from breathing a word about anything to the media. But now Salman cleared the air in a candid and straight-from-the-heart interview to a Kolkatta paper.

Flynn Remedios, Claudia Ciesla’s spokesperson, publicist and Manager for India said, “Claudia has been wrongly understood by the Indian Media. She is not a topless or nude model. It was only once at the beginning of her career about 4 years ago – like many Indian actresses – that she posed topless for a very prestigious magazine. It was a very artistic and classy shoot. Claudia has never posed nude and will vowed never to do any nude shoots. All the other photos that show Claudia nude or topless are fake and digitally altered. We will sue anyone who claims that Claudia is a topless or nude model.”

Speaking to the journalist from Kolkatta via email, Claudia said, “I love the Indian Culture, ethos, and traditions. I respect all Indian religions. I am God-willing planning to permanently settle in India. I am not a nude or topless model but a very serious professional who has done some very good work in the west.” She also elaborated that she represents Bollywood fashion designer Umair Zafar’s ethnic and Indian fashion in Europe.

Claudia has also confirmed that she will participate in the Living Talent Face of India, beauty pageant and fashion show to be held in Mumbai in June and also walk the ramp for a charity event in support of Mumbai’s street children. According to her spokesperson Flynn Remedios, “Claudia is very sensitive towards Indian culture. She immediately consented to do the talent contest and beauty pageant LIVING TALENT FACE OF INDIA event which will contribute a substantial sum of money for the benefit of street children.

According to the report in the Kolkatta newspaper, Salman invited Claudia to his home, introduced Claudia to his family. “Claudia is a very nice girl. I have introduced her to my family,” Salman Khan said casually when queried about his ‘relationship’ with Claudia. Filling in the blanks from Germany, Claudia said, “I met his wonderful family – brothers, sister and his darling and handsome father Salim. They are a very warm and friendly family. All very down to earth. Salman is a real man. He has a heart of gold. He is fearless – not scared to admit his friendship with anyone, unlike some other male actors and directors in Bollywood. Salman Khan is my hero,” said a blushing Claudia.

Clarifying about Claudia’s meeting with Abhishek Bachchan at Cannes, Flynn Remedios said, “It is a fact that Claudia and Abhishek met and chatted for a while. But it was a formal discussion though Abhishek was quite friendly. The photos were not just ‘fan pix’ as made out by some media persons and publications.



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