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By Flynn Remedios – Futuristic Media Network

A poorly made hardcore home sex video, using look-alike actors pretending to look like or dressed and disguised like and using wigs, outfits and makeup to resemble Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif has apparently surfaced in Canada, say sources. This hardcore sex video is not to be confused with the several comic clips on Salman and Katrina already in existence on YouTube.

A MMS clip from the same fake Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif video also seems to be in circulation and apparently is the talk of the town among high school and college-going kids who have helped spread the fake amateur porn video. The video was till recently also available on some sex websites that “sell” such downloads but seems to have disappeared after word of its existence spread.

According to a source whom we spoke to in Canada, it is obvious to any viewer that the video is a fake and the actors are either body doubles or have used make up techniques to resemble the Bollywood Badshah and his girl friend and use his brand equity and popularity worldwide, particularly among the prominent NRI Indian population in Canada.

We tried to contact both Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif for their comments or feedback and in spite of our sustained efforts, both were unavailable for comment. Katrina Kaif’s publicist didn’t answer or return our calls.

It is very unlikely that the fake and fraudulent sex video has reached Indian shores. We did a check in various cities in India, calling friends and fellow journalists to find out if they had heard or seen anything. Not many of them had even heard of it, but some of them said that such a fraudulent sex videos using body doubles have been in existence and are not an uncommon thing in the underground porn clubs in the west. Apparently, many Hollywood actors have such amateur fake and fraudulent videos in circulation made by body doubles to encash on the popularity of the actor’s name.


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