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By Frank Franklyn – Futuristic Media Network

Regional actress Priyankaa plays a Maratha princess – in a Spectra Multimedia film – who is in love with a Mughal prince. All hell breaks loose when the Maratha garrison finds out in a midst of a skirmish that the Mughal territory they have just attacked is controlled by a prince who has their princess literally in the palm of his hand.

Spectra Multimedia began shooting for its regional, multi-lingual film featuring actress Priyankaa at a lavish set about 25 kilometers from Panvel, on the outskirts of Mumbai about two weeks ago. The shoot resumed after a break of one week for the second schedule.

The huge set for the palace was constructed at a cost of about Rs 50 lakh – a record for a regional film. About 100 labourers, 50 skilled technicians, 10 electricians and 5 engineers were involved in the construction of the set which boasts of several technical marvels that will help Spectra Multimedia shoot different aspects of the film on a rotating, revolving podium. Each time the podium is moved, it will enable the director to use different backgrounds or facades as may be required for the film.

Spokesperson and Executive Producer for Spectra Multimedia, Flynn Remedios said, “While we would not like to specify the exact budget of this film, it is definitely a big budget project when compared to the standards of the regional or Marathi film industry. Though the story is part fiction, it envelopes and includes a great part of Maratha history, which would be a treat to watch.”

The Mumbai-based Film and TV software Production House Spectra Multimedia signed a 3-film deal with upcoming regional actress Priyankaa in May. All three films will be made in Marathi and are expected to be completed by this year-end or mid 2010. While one film will be a family comedy, another will be based on a historical story. The third and last film is expected to be a suspense thriller, according to a release issued by the company. According to Flynn Remedios, “While the films will be primarily in Marathi, they would have a multi-lingual approach with added dialogues in Hinglish to give them a larger appeal.” Spectra Multimedia through its distribution partners will release these films all over the country, he added.

By virtue of this 3-film deal, actress Priyankaa is also into a two-year exclusive artiste management contract with Spectra Multimedia who will handle all her film, advertising, endorsement and branding assignments.


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