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In an article published on a prominent news website, freelance journalist, former crime reporter and Celebrity Publicist Flynn Remedios of Futuristic Media Network, after extensive research and investigation, has pointed out a new conspiracy theory that suggests that Shiney Ahuja is not the villain, but a victim of blackmail himself.

In his article, Flynn Remedios says that he spoke to several officials at the Oshiwara Police Station over two days, officers from the ‘Detection Section’ as well as some other domestic helps and maids who worked in the same residential complex where Shiney Ahuja lives. Flynn Remedios managed to track down a third, as yet unknown character in the “Rape Drama” – the so-called boyfriend of the alleged victim – Shiney Ahuja’s maidservant. The boyfriend or a ‘close friend’ of Shiney’s maid servant had a bad habbit of gambling. He also did drugs and was himself a small time thief.

According to the investigation of journalist Flynn Remedios, it seemed to be somewhat apparent from the people he spoke to that Shiney Ahuja was himself a victim of blackmail and has been framed. His maidservant’s boyfriend or close friend was heavily in debt and probably “used” the maid servant to extract money from Shiney Ahuja. “This is just a theory,” said Flynn Remedios, adding, “I do not want to influence, hamper or disturb the police investigation in any way, but as a journalist, I have to present the other side of the story and the various aspects and possibilities that have come to the fore. It is a fact that the alleged victim was friendly with some other male person of dubious character. There is a strong possibility that he could have used the alleged victim to extract money from Shiney Ahuja who at one time was pegged to be charging Rs One crore per film.”

Apparently, the maid servant had either seduced Shiney into having sex with her and then tried to black mail him or in a moment of weakness, Shiney Ahuja himself must have made a pass at her or tried to ‘get physical’. What ever be the case, once the maid servant’s boyfriend realized that there was the proverbial golden goose waiting to lay the golden eggs, he first tried to extort money from Shiney Ahuja and when that probably failed, he got the maid servant to file a complaint of rape.

“At no point of time am I trying to suggest that some sort of sexual activity – whether consensual or coerced – did or did not take place. However, one important fact that the police investigation and the media has probably missed out is the presence of a gambler/drug user boyfriend or close friend in the life of the alleged victim maid servant and the possible role of such a character in the entire chain of events,” explains Flynn Remedios.

Some media reports have claimed that there were marks of “forced intercourse”, but unless the same are confirmed, all options are possible. “It is also possible that someone else may have used the maid servant to get even with Shiney Ahuja in either a professional or business vendetta after knowing his weaknesses. \

A similar incident had happened two years ago, when the young influential son of a prominent builder and businessman was accused of raping a commercial sex worker in his Mercedes Benz car. The victim is now absconding and all efforts by the police to trace her have proved futile. At that time, Remedios who was a crime reporter with a daily newspaper had identified – after a lengthy and detailed investigation, including interviews with the victim – a possibility of a business rivalry in the entire drama, given the fact that the stakes ran into several hundred crores. He has now put forward a similar conspiracy theory in the Shiney Ahuja case. “In the last two years about three prominent business men were eventually acquitted by the courts in spite of being accused of attempt to murder (Builder Chaturvedi case) and possession of drugs (Salil Chaturvedi/Provogue case). In the former case, several high ranking officers were either transferred or suspended when their complexity in the frame up was exposed. In the Provogue case, the court came down heavily on the cops for “framing’ Salil Chaturvedi,” says Flynn Remedios, adding that the possibility exists that Shiney Ahuja is a victim himself of some sinister plot.

Remedios has also quoted some officers of the “detection department” as saying – of course on condition of anonymity – that initially when Shiney Ahuja was brought to the police station he kept saying that he was framed by someone else. While the rest of the media has reported that apparently Shiney Ahuja broke down and later “confessed to the crime”, it is probably under the subtle psychological pressure of police investigation and the fear that he may be beaten or put through third degree that the actor probably decided to “confess” to a crime that he probably did not confess. Such situations are well-known with other white collared criminals as well, who under psychological pressure break down and just want to get it over with.

While the police do not exactly use third degree on white collar or ‘influential or educated accused’ they are subjected to subtle psychological pressure like not being allowed to go to the toilet or being denied drinking water, etc. Sometimes, a detection officer will pretend to be a ‘friend’ of the accused and ‘suggest’ that he just ‘confess’ and get over with it. The accused is also told that he will only prolong his agony and time at the police station (under police remand) if he does not confess. Many tough persons succumb to such subtle pressure and say what the cops what to hear, just to get over with the entire process. Some of them are also aware that any statement or confession made while in police custody is unacceptable as evidence in court and can be retracted later on.


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