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By Frank Franklyn – Futuristic Media Network

A crazy – and probably drunk, motorcyclist brushed past German supermodel and Hollywood actress Claudia Ciesla late on Wednesday night (early Thursday morning) while she was getting out of a car causing minor bruises on her right hand.

Claudia who was scheduled to fly out of India in the wee hours of Thursday morning to Germany was driving back to her hotel along the Juhu-Chowpatty road. When she neared her hotel, she asked her driver to stop. It was then that a speeding motorcyclist brushed passed her at full speed from behind just as she opened the door of her car and stepped out.

Claudia sustained minor bruises on her right hand which were treated and bandaged at a nearby hospital on her way to the airport.

Confirming the freak accident, Flynn Remedios, Claudia Ciesla’s spokesperson and publicist for India said, “Yes it is correct that Claudia was slightly injured when an errant speeding motorcyclist brushed past her while she was getting out of her car from the right side door. Since this incident happened in the early hours of Thursday morning and as Claudia had a flight to catch, we learnt about it only when she reached Germany.”

The motor cyclist sped away so fast that neither Claudia nor her driver managed to get a glance at his registration number, added Flynn Remedios.


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