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Michael Jackson: Accident, Murder or Suicide?

By Flynn Remedios – Futuristic Media Network

Like all great enigmas of his time – Princess Diana and Ernest Hemingway to name two, Michael Jackson’s untimely and unexpected death – or murder or suicide – has stirred a hornet’s nest. Was Michael Jackson murdered? Or did he commit suicide? Who dialed 911 from Jackson’s residence? Did someone spike Jackson’s drinks or water with an over dose of his painkillers Demerol? Why was his personal physician – who was supposed to be with him day in and day out – missing from the scene or went missing as soon as he was rushed to the Emergency Centre? (The personal physician has since surfaced and is being questioned by police). Did the caller call 911 after confirming that Micheal Jackson was dead or couldn’t be revived? Did the caller (in that case) have a hand in that case in his murder or was an indirect accessory to murder. Was Micheal fed up of life and his problems and knowingly consumed an over dose of painkillers. Did Micheal Jackson’s companion in his last few moments know about this and was part of the suicide pact. Did Micheal Jackson ‘choose’ to die at 50? Did Micheal Jackson really die of a cardiac arrest or was a cardiac arrest created with an over dose of Demerol?

Why didn’t Micheal Jackson – who was ailing and under medication – with all his wealth and riches not have 24×7 emergency aid available to him at his residence?

Hopefully these questions will be answered in a couple of weeks when final results of the toxicology tests are out and made public. However, the theory that Jackson probably committed suicide or was administered a lethal cocktail of drugs, with or without his knowledge and consent gained ground when Jackson’s personal physician Dr Conrad Murray who was the last person to see him alive refused to sign the death certificate. This is compounded by the disappearance of the physician when Jackson was rushed to hospital.

Police officials carried out a second autopsy on the body of the 50-year-old Pop icon. The results will take at least two weeks say reports.

Another question remains unanswered. Why didn’t Dr Conrad Murray immediately call 911? Was he trying to confirm that Jackson was dead before the emergency rescue service came in? Was Dr Conrad Murray ‘paid to do Jackson’.

According to reports in the western press, emergency services were only contacted after the singer’s father Joe – who was alerted to Jackson’s condition by a security guard at the singer’s home – made a “huge commotion”.

Jackson is believed to have been given a shot of the methadone-based pain killer Demerol the night before he died. Dr Murray, had attempted to revive Jackson with CPR after his collapse, apparently successfully answered all police queries – of course after spending nearly 24 hours in ‘hiding’ with his lawyers.

Media reports say that Jackson was taking two other powerful narcotic pain relievers – Dilaudid and Vicodin – in addition to Demerol. Maybe on the fateful night, Jackson took a cocktail of painkillers that pinned the last nail in his coffin. Probably the truth will never come out. Did Jackson take the lethal cocktail himself, or was he unknowingly administered the poison?

Jackson’s other drugs included muscle relaxant Soma, a sedative called Xanax and anti depressant Zoloft. He also took Paxil for anxiety and Prilosec, a heartburn pill, say reports.


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