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Spectra Multimedia drops starlet Apsara Soni due to “attitude issues” in Karina flick

Signs on Megha Narkar for the role

By Ashwin Salian – Futuristic Media Network

Starlet Apsara Soni who was signed on by Spectra Multimedia Films (I) Inc to play the lead female role in the controversial film, “The Secret Life of Karina” has been ‘dropped’ from the project within two days of being signed.

Spokesperson and publicist for Spectra Multimedia, Flynn Remedios said, “Apsara Soni had a lot of attitude problems and wasn’t on the same wave length with the producers vis-à-vis the script. Within one day of being signed on, she began to dictate terms to the producers. She was not comfortable with several other issues and hence we had to take a decision to drop her within 48 hours of signing her for the film. We have now signed on Gladrags Mega Model 2009 finalist Megha Narkar as the female lead in the film.”

The Bollywood flick “The Secret Life of Karina” has been mired in controversy from the moment go. The Rs 20-core flick features a female super star who is a prostitute in real life and the male lead called Saifee who is brigand and smuggler.

Sources also said that there are 40 kissing and bedroom scenes, 5 murders and 3 rape instances in the film. However, Spectra Multimedia spokesperson Flynn Remedios refused to comment, saying that the script, plot and scenes are yet to be finalized.

According to unconfirmed reports the film is loosely based on the life of Bollywood super star Kareena Kapoor and has some very controversial scenes which deal with the love life of the characters in question. It also features a rogue character called Saifee and another called Shaheed – subtle, but apparent references to Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor.

According to sources, Shradha Sharma was offered Rs 50 lakh to play the role of Karina in the film but she turned it down as “she didn’t want to offend Kareena Kapoor and was not comfortable with the 40 kissing scenes.”


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