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By Flynn Remedios – © Futuristic Media Network

Speaking to journalist Flynn Remedios, Rakhi Sawant Bollywood’s most enigmatic and unpredictable personality said that she was NOT going to marry.

“This is just another Reality Show or Game Show. It’s just like any other TV program. I am not going to marry now. Maybe I may date the winner in real life. But it doesn’t mean that I am bound to marry the winner of the show if there is any one.”

When further queried, she shot back, “There is a possibility that there may not be any winner. Yes I may decide I do not eventually like anyone from this lot of suitors,” quipped the drama queen adding and hinting that there may be a Rakhi ka Swayamwar Part II or Season II.

Rakhi insisted that she would definitely want to get to know the contestants in real life. “Yeh toh Reel Life hein. Real Life to alag hein na. I have to get to know them inside out. Barabar se tatolna hoga. I can not make the same mistakes I made earlier.

Apparently, Rakhi has been married twice before according to unconfirmed media reports and should she get married this time, it would possibly be her third marriage. In fact, one of her former beaus had raised a ruckus saying that legally Rakhi Sawant was still married to him and how could the actress and item queen get married again.

Earlier Shradha Sharma and astro-numerologist Sandhiya Mehta had raised doubts about Rakhi’s intention to marry. Sandhiya Mehta had asserted that the show was a farce and just anotherTV soap.


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