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By Flynn Remedios © Futuristic Media Network

One of Bollywood’s most saleable, most talked-about and written about actress recently aborted a 2.5 month old pregnancy. We got this information direct from senior and reliable sources at the posh 5-star clinic that conducted the top secret abortion procedure. For obvious reasons and until we get a legitimate copy of the “PROOF” we would not want to mention the name of the actress. All we can say for now is that the actress has been in and out of relationships in the last few years and is currently dating a senior Bollywood actor.

Bollywood gossip mills had rumored that the actress was engaged to the actor and were almost living in. Another report had suggested that the same actress was ‘sporting the actor’s engagement ring’.

Earlier media reports and photographs had indicated that newly-married Amrita Arora just back from her honeymoon was sporting a tell-tale bump suggesting that the actress was pregnant. Just a few months before, Sushmita Sen was also photographed at a Reality Show that she was judging with a similar ‘bump’ giving rise to rumours that she was pregnant. While nothing much came out of Sushmita Sen’s bump – in fact the svelte actress looks ten years younger now after loosing oodles of weight, it is weight and watch for Amrita Arora who has kept mum about the rumours.


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