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Alexander gets sexed-up with nubile semi nude belles in Royal Utsav

By Sam Kumar Shukla – © Futuristic Media Network

The Mythical potboiler and period film Royal Utsav – a film based on the story of the reincarnation of the Greek conqueror Alexander – will be modified and tailored with a generous sprinkling of semi-nude and partly clad sexy models and the story and plot partly changed to suit international audiences.

Alexander and his entourage will be sexed-up with nubile semi nude belles all cast in a different time and age, say sources, adding that the production wallas want the film to appeal to an international audience.

The film is pregnant with love, lust, romance, glamour and sex and requires a mature audience to appreciate its intrinsic values and story. With the modification, the glamour component will go up substantially, say sources.

Says a spokesperson from Shivhari Media – the producers of the film, “We have a lot of footage which was shot during the making of the film. To suit Indian sensibilities and a traditional audience we had not used a lot of the footage. However, I am sure international audiences would be more tolerant and will appreciate some spice in the film.”

The Greek King’s conquest of expanding his empire to the eastern world came to an end when he came to India. Alexander was forced to leave India as his army got home sick. As recorded by historians, on his way back home, Alexander died in Babylon. Royal Utsav begins where history ends.

According to the film, Alexander is reborn in Greece in a small town house. An astrologer christens him Sikander and as he grows up Sikander dreaming of going to India one day together with his bosom friend. He finally reaches his dream destination during the Maurya rule.

When in India, he falls in love with Roopmati, one of India’s most beautiful women. Meanwhile, Katherin, a Greek princess in love with Alexander makes her way to India only to discover he’s madly in love and ready to elope with someone else. Royal Utsav is a film where historical stories from Greece and India cross and entwine paths to create a mythical saga picking threads from mythology and history.

According to director Ravi K Patva, “This film tells the tale of Alexander the Great, but not the way the world knows it from history books. Alexander’s saga ends with his death but thanks to some cinematic liberty we came up with the story of Royal Utsav. Portraying Alexander’s rebirth was an innovative concept and it allowed for a lot of space to write a very compelling script.

This film is about the journey of love and to what length humans can go to find love. In the film Alexander falls in love with Roopmati a courtesan in the Royal Palace, while Katherin the Greek princess lusts for an Indian poet. Will the Greek princess use her power to ensnare Alexander or pull him away from Roopmati? It’s a showcase of International diverse cultures coming together in a Royal Utsav.

In terms of grandeur the film will please the audiences, says the director Set in 400 B.C., it’s a visual treat that will delight the viewer with adequate doses of lust and sex.

Made at a budget of Rs 150 million, the Indian edition of the film was released in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu. Now the producers plan to release it internationally after the changes. Everything, from the costumes to the music, is well researched. Its sets are really magnificent, added Patwa.


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