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A furious Shradha Sharma lashed out viciously at Rakhi Sawant’s ex-boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi asserting that Abhishek Awasthi was a liar, a dog and an idiot.


Shradha’s rage went through the roof when she read an interview in the latest issue of Showtime magazine, where in an interview Abhishek Awasthi was quoted as saying, “I don’t know who the hell this Shradha Sharma is. I have seen articles on the net linking our names together, but I have kept silent because the more I talk about this, the more publicity the other person will get and I don’t want that.”


Abhishek’s statements were a desperate means to get into the good books of Rakhi Sawant and a last-ditch effort to distance himself from ex-flame Shradha Sharma. In the past Rakhi Sawant had accused Abhishek Awasthi of ditching her for Shradha Sharma and even trying to woo another woman while he was living-in with her. In an interview Rakhi had said, “I pray that God may punish Abhishek for cheating me”.


When we confronted Shradha Sharma with this interview, she blew her top. “Like a dog, Abhishek used to stand outside my house and wait for me. He brought me wine bottles and flowers and used to sit at my feet and press my legs calling me names like ‘princess’ etc. He is an idiot and I knew from the start that he only wanted to use me to further his own career. He promised me lots of work and tried to show me that he had all of Rakhi Sawant’s contacts. If I meet him, I will give him two tight slaps. He wanted me to marry him. He used to woo me with promises like ‘I will keep you very happy baby’. He even invited me several times to his new flat at Malad and we even watched a few films at his pad all alone. Now the b*****d doesn’t have the b***s to face up to all that. He is a coward and an idiot of the first order. I haven’t seen a bigger looser than him,” blurted a visibly upset and screaming Shradha Sharma.


Wanting to set the record straight, Shradha Sharma got her publicist Flynn Remedios to issue an official Press Statemen claiming that “Shradha Sharma was very hurt and disappointed with Abhishek Awasthi and his dirty tricks and irresponsible comments. It is sad that he is lying through his teeth. Shradha Sharma doesn’t need Abhishek’s help for her publicity. “



So furious and violent was she that we decided not to ask her any more questions about her “friendship” with Abhishek Awasthi.  But she added on her own, “I kept quiet about this entire issue all this while as I don’t believe in washing dirty linen in public. What transpired between Abhishek Awasthi and me was something very private. In fact, I would not have entertained him in the first place, but he promised to teach me dance and get me good work. I was at that time looking for a good choreographer and he offered to help me out. He also told me that Rakhi used to ill-treat him and he wanted to opt out of the relationship with Rakhi Sawant. “


“Even when the media questioned me, I only said that Abhishek was a friend. But now I know that he is an idiot and a loser. He had told me time and again that he was willing to ‘dump’ Rakhi Sawant if I agreed to marry him. He wanted to marry me at all cost and did everything to woo me and convince me. We have gone on long drives and once even met with a minor accident as Abhishek got me some wine and got me drunk on the way. He was trying to get me into a soup or a compromising position with him so that he could possibly blackmail me later on.”


He was even trying to sleep with me by hook or crook. He got me drunk by getting very strong wine, knowing very well that I cannot hold my drinks. He would tell me that the wine was very mild and would pour out a full glass. Not knowing the strength of the wine, I would drink it only to realise after a few minutes that my head was reeling and paining badly. Abhishek Awasthi was trying to get me drunk in order to have sex with me, thinking that I would succumb to his demands and pressure. Fortunately for me, I saw through his tricks and managed to keep him at bay.”


We tried to contact Abhishek Awasthi for his comments, but his phone was not reachable in spite of several attempts. We even sent him an SMS but he didn’t respond to our efforts to contact him for his side of the story.




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