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By Flynn Remedios (c) Futuristic Media Network


India’s biggest and most well-known and sometimes most loved Drama Queen, aka our very own Rakhi Sawant has finally found true love. She has converted to Christianity and given herself to Jesus Christ. But in the bargain she has dumped her beau of a few days or may be two weeks Elesh Parunjanwala. Sources close to Rakhi Sawant said that the first fissures in the so-called relationship surfaced when Rakhi got out of her closely monitored, scripted and tightly controlled (by the spin doctors, EPs and bosses at NDTV) Swayamvar and began meeting and interacting with Elesh in real life. May be Rakhi was also fed up with the entire drama and the show baazi. I mean how long can one put on an act.

Meanwhile on several occasions during the reality show Rakhi ka Swayamvar, Rakhi said that she was truly in love with Jesus who is her Lord.

And finally two days ago, the cat was out of the bag. Rakhi openly admitted that Elesh and she are not on the same wave length – though not in as many words. The stress of putting on an act was getting to her and it began to show. Rakhi has openly stated to the media in the last few days that she is “finding Elesh a different person outside.” She has voiced her displeasure at his sophistication and finesse – something that is not so natural to her.

Apparently, Rakhi and Elesh have unofficially split. The meetings and telephone calls have become rare and Rakhi has suddenly become partly inaccessible to Elesh Parunjanwala. She has stopped talking to him as often as she would and doesn’t reply to his SMS messages. In fact, an assistant replies when Elesh messages Rakhi – something that he probably finds it hard to swallow.

It won’t be long before the split becomes official and public and the truth comes out in the open – Rakhi Sawant and Elesh Parunjanwala are no longer a couple and the so-called engagement is OFF.

Something that astro-numerologist and Vaastu consultant Sandhiya Mehta predicted one month ago.



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