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Shah Rukh Khan detained, humiliated at Newark Airport in USA


By Flynn Remedios (c) Futuristic Media Network 

 International icon and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was detained, humiliated and subjected to unnecessary questioning at the Newark Airport in the USA. He was only released when the Indian Embassy in the US intervened. SRK as he is popularly known told News Agency PTI that he felt angry and humiliated. According to SRK, he has a very common Muslim surname and it was not surprising that his surname should crop up on the US immigration computers.

Meanwhile the Indian Government, stung by the ‘national disgrace’ has asked the US to explain why SRK was allegedly detained for two hours at Newark airport, close to New York.

Shah Rukh Khan was in the US to promote a film on racial profiling. Many other Bollywood stars like Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and others are expected to attend the promotions.

 US customs and immigration officials denied that Mr Khan had been detained, saying he was questioned for 66 minutes, which is routine and should not be made out as an exception.

According to the BBC and other reports, Elmer Camacho, a spokesman for the US Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, said the questioning was part of the agency’s routine process to screen foreign travellers.

The US ambassador to India, Timothy Roehmer, said the embassy was looking into Mr Khan’s case. Speaking in Delhi, Mr Roehmer said: “Shah Rukh Khan, the actor and global icon, is a very welcome guest in the United States. Many Americans love his films.” He said the embassy was trying to “ascertain the facts of the case – to understand what took place”.

Shah Rukh Khan, 44, earlier told the Press Trust of India news agency he had been detained by immigration officials at Newark airport because his name came up on a computer check list.

He told the agency that he had been released after he was allowed to message a politician in India, who contacted the Indian embassy in Washington on his behalf.

SRK was on his way from New York to Chicago to attend an Indian Independence Day celebration when he was stopped at Newark airport in the state of New Jersey.

Last month, America’s Continental Airlines apologised to APJ Abdul Kalam amid outrage in India when it emerged that the former Indian president had been frisked and made to remove his shoes at Delhi airport in April.  The airline said in a statement that it had not intended to offend Mr Kalam or the sentiments of the people of India.


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