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By Shree Devi © Futuristic Media Network



Actress Krrishika Gupta of the Neetu Chandra-The Man magazine photo shoot fame is very upset, angry and is actually tearing out her hair. Thanks to the erotic cover photo shoot, she has been labeled as a lesbian by most of her friends. In fact, so acute is the problem that her male friends are wary of letting their girl friends go alone with her, fearing that she may make a pass at them.

The icing on the cake was when she went to a disco at a 5-star hotel at Juhu in suburban Mumbai on Sunday. As she was enjoying herself on the dance floor, two women who seemed to be drunk surrounded her and began groping her. They pawed her, said vulgar things about the photo shoot and even tried to push their hands into her skirt. Krrishika had to slap one of them and get away.

According to Krrishika’s publicist Flynn Remedios, who has sent a written complaint to the hotel’s management, the women almost confined Krrishika between them for a full five minutes. “Krrishika didn’t want to raise a stink and somehow managed to get away, but not before the women had royally molested and groped her,” said Flynn Remedios.

In fact, the women first bumped into her at the bar, when she went to get herself a can of a popular energy drink. The women who were drinking at the bar noticed Krrishika who was wearing a short mini skirt and a tight top.

Says Krrishika, “When they say me, they looked at each other and sort of smiled. The taller well-built woman who didn’t seem to be Indian – she was fair-skinned and spoke with an accent – asked her if she was the same model who was in a lesbian photo shoot with an actress. Initially Krrishika didn’t suspect anything wrong and answered them in the affirmative. As she took her energy drink and went back to the dance floor, the women – in their late 20s followed her.

A furious Krrishika said that there should be a law against molestation of a person by another person of the same sex.

During the time of the photo shoot controversy, Krrishika got almost 200 SMS messages from her friends and contacts in the industry actually asking her if she ‘had turned lesbian’. Says Krrishika, “I am not at all lesbian from any angle. I am a normal heterosexual and I even sort of like someone, but I am currently not dating any one. Sex is the last thing on my mind as I am concentrating on my work.”

Krrishika’s publicist Flynn Remedios gets about 2-3 enquries from media persons each day with regard to lesbian or gay related themes. “During the recent gay controversy, several media persons called me to ask if Krrishika Gupta would like to speak on the subject as she had done a lesbian shoot,” says Remedios, explaining that he had a tough time telling media persons that Krrishika Gupta was NOT lesbian at all.

We hear that Krrishika Gupta has been approached by Spectra Multimedia Films to do a special film. Spectra Multimedia has launched about ten film projects and one of them is a film that’s based on the love triangle between Shahid Kapoor, Kareena and Saif Ali Khan.

For more photos of Actress Krrishika click here or go to http://bollymanager.blogspot.com





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