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Fashion model and actress Kristna Saika accuses producer of humiliation

 By Flynn Remedios (c) Futuristic Media Network

Fashion and art model and actress Kristna Saika has accused the production house Cine Centre and its producer Prakash Shetty of ill-treating her during the shooting of the film Molly in Bangalore last week. The film is directed by Rajiv Gupta, who is also an editor and had last edited the film ‘Shortcut’. Molly is Rajiv Gupta’s debut film.

Apparently according to Kristna Saika, she was put up in a dirty house and made to eat stale food. Her colleague and herself were not provided with warm water for bathing and were inconvenienced in every little way. They were not picked up from the airport when they landed in Bangalore and had to do everything on their own. No facilities were extended to them that are normally provided to cine stars and models.

The production house has denied all these allegations, saying that Kristna is just making a mountain of a mole hill and using the issue as a publicity stunt.

However, Kristna has produced a medical certificate claiming that she had to take a flight back – with her own money – to Mumbai when she fell ill due to the shoddy food and lodging conditions. She has undergone medical treatment for throat infection, stomach poisoning and various other related ailments.

Kristna has complained to the IMPAA – the association of film producers – a claim that is countered by the producer who says that it was he who first approached IMPAA after the actress walked out of his film without informing him and left for Mumbai.



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