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By Flynn Remedios (c) Futuristic Media Network

Munnabhai aka Sanju baba aka Sanjay Dutt dropped a bombshell on Saturday when at a very select press meet at the Healthworks Gym at Thane, he said that he was considering launching a series of fitness clubs and gyms along with ‘good friend’ and fitness freak Prabodh Davkhare.

Sanjay even went steps ahead and said that if Prabhod Davkhare found it right, he would love to be the brand ambassador for the brand of gyms and fitness clubs. ‘Prabodh Davkhare is a good friend and I have always told him to push his efforts even further. I would love to be the brand ambassasdor of his gyms if Prabodh finds me suitable for the job,” said Sanju baba modestly.

Prabodh Davkhare runs one of the most modern and sophisticated fitness clubs and gyms in Thane called Healthworks gym.  While going through the gym, Sanjay Dutt worked out for about ten minutes on the thread mill, the weights machine and even pushed some iron.

Sources close to Prabodh Davkhare said that Sanju baba is very keen on the fitness business and the two of them have been contemplating starting a chain of fitness clubs for some time. Confirming this, Prabodh Davkhare said, ‘I would love to have Sanjay Dutt to advise my gym members and clients. Sanjay Dutt is one of the fittest Bollywood stars and is the epitome of health in the country. He has maintained his physique in spite of several ups and downs in his life. For Sanju fitness comes first.”

Munnabhai aka Sanju baba aka Sanjay Dutt  spent almost two hours at the Healthworks Gym at Thane on the outskirts of Mumbai along with promoter Probodh Davkhare on Saturday.

 Munnabhai exercised, lifted weights, pressed some iron and even watched a demonstration of Karate along with about 200 excited fitness freaks from the area. He shared tips with the staff and even demonstrated certain correct methods of lifting weights, pressing iron etc.

Sanju baba and Prabodh Davkhare later on addressed a press conference where Sanjay Dutt answered about 50 to 100 questions from the audience regarding health, fitness, right diet etc. There were about 200 fitness enthusiasts present at the venue while a crowd of about 2000 persons gathered out the Healthworks Gym to get a glimpse of their favourite superstar.

Speaking at the Press Conference, Prabhodh Davkhare praised and thanked Sanju Baba for taking time out of his busy schedule to encourage and support the youngsters. “Sanjay Dutt has been a great source of help and encouragement both personally and for the entire staff at Healthworks India, and I thank him on behalf of every member and employee at Healthworks India,” said Prabodh Davkhare.

Sanjay Dutt also praised Prabodh Davkhare for his efforts to popularise the idea and concept of fitness.

Not too long ago, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan also visited the Healthworks Gym and spent almost an hour with the crowd. Other stars who were present included Zulfi Sayed, Esha Deol,  Dharmender  and many other lesser known Bollywood personalities.

Both the former Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh and the current CM have visited the Healthworks Gym and encouraged Prabodh Davkhare and his team to spread the message of fitness across the city.

Healthworks India and Prabodh Davkhare have announced several special schemes for Government Employees, Police Officials and even students who can get maximum benefit from them and stay fit and healthy.



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