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Major Wardrobe Malfunction at Begum Sahiba – actress topless on stage as blouse falls off?



By Frank Franklyn  – Futuristic Media Network


A major wardrobe malfunction occurred during the staging of the controversial play Begum Sahiba starring Rahul Roy and Poonam Dasgupta at the Rang Shardha auditorium at Bandra in suburban Mumbai. For a few seconds stage artiste and actress Zara was topless and her breasts exposed as her blouse or top fell of accidently.


Theatre artiste Zara who was performing a dance for the Begum (Poonam Dasgupta) was shocked and stunned out of her wits when her top came undone exposing her bare breasts. While she was quick to cover her ample assets with her hands, the few seconds were enough to give the viewers a good glimpse of her well contoured and surgically well-enhanced breasts. Director Kiran Avdikononu was heard shouting “lights off” while Zara ran off into the wings covering her busts with her hands.


Television Channel Aajtak – Subse Tej of course – was the first to air the footage of the wardrobe malfunction and break the story. Other TV channels followed suit and the news was the talk of the town within hours.


All the artistes starring in the play including Poonam Dasgupta, Amit Pachori, Kaanu Mukherjee and Raj Premi were quick to apologise and express regret at the unexpected and untoward incident. Terming it as an accident, Raj Premi and Amit Pachori said that they were sorry for the accident. Fashion Designer Umair Zaffar who was the official fashion designer for the play Begum Sahiba also expressed regret and said that it is possible that because Zara had to change her outfit in a split second and come back on stage, she must have forgotten to tie the top securely.


A sobbing Poonam Dasgupta and Zara also said that there could be a possibility of sabotage. “I have worked so hard to make this play happen and I am sure somebody has messed up with the outfits while the artistes were on stage. I am sure it is a case of orchestrated sabotage,” said Poonam Dasgupta. Zara who was sobbing bitterly back stage said that this was her first theatre performance on a grand scale. Begum Sahiba publicist Flynn Remedios promptly issued an official apology on behalf of the producers of the play Saar Entertainers and promised to look into the matter. “If it is a mistake on our part, we are extremely sorry, but if somebody has done this on purpose, we will take him or her to task. On the face of it, it’s a clear case of sabotage. Somebody has done this on purpose to defame the play and sabotage our business,” said Flynn Remedios in an official press release.


More info on this incident and photographs are available at http://futuristicmedianetwork.wordpress.com or www.futuristicmedianetwork.com

Video footage of the wardrobe function can be found on Youtube by searching for flynnremediosmedia or Begum Sahiba




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