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Look alikes or Copy Cats: Kareena Kapoor in Kurbaan, Bosky Sheth in The Three Kings

By Ashwin Salian – Futuristic Media Network



The posters of The Three Kings and Kurbaan Look Similar



Spectra Multimedia Films about two weeks ago released an advertisement in a Bollywood Trade Publication for their recently launched project The Three Kings which looked very much like the Kurbaan poster featuring Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. We couldn’t help observing the striking similarity.

The colour scheme of the poster of The Three Kings is similar to that of Kurbaan and the actress featured is Bosky Sheth who plays Zeenat Aman in the film. The actress is also bare-backed like Kareena Kapoor though there is no male, unlike in Kurbaan where Saif poses with his lady love.

Even the colour scheme of the lettering is quite similar. We couldn’t help wondering who copied whom. When we contacted Bosky Sheth she said that she couldn’t comment on the designs, layouts and artwork. “We had shot some stills for the film about three weeks ago. The advertisement was designed much before the Kurbaan posters and ads came out all over the place, said script writer and Executive Producer Flynn Remedios, refusing to comment any further on the similarity in the layout.  The Three Kings is based on the life of Parveen Babi, played by Shikha Puri.

We wonder if this is very strange and rare coincidence or a clear case of Copy Cats at work. Anyway the striking resemblence of the two designs including the similarity in the fonts and colours is amazing.


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  1. Wow loved reading your post. I added your feed to my blogreader.

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