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UK-born Gazala Singh in a three-film contract with Canadian production house White Tulip Films



By Megha deSouza  – Futuristic Media Network


The hot, sexy and vivacious 21-year-old Gazala Singh aka Navreen Kaur aka Gazala Kaur has been signed on for a three-film, two-year exclusive contract by the Canadian production house White Tulip Films. Gazala who originally hails from the UK has been in India for the last two months. She has deep-rooted Indian links as both her parents are Indian, but moved to the UK years ago.


Says Gazala, “I had sent out my photos to various agencies. I was initially looking for modelling assignments in India. A casting director, Andy who saw my photos called me for an audition. And before I knew it, I was offered a three-film exclusive contract with White Tulip Films.”


Gazala Singh’s publicist Flynn Remedios says, “It was a dream come true for Gazala who is a very talented dancer, singer and actor. She has been acting since the age of 10 and has done theatre, dance and drama. She has done several music videos and short films or documentaries in Great Britain and is proud to be associated with the Canada-based White Tulip Films.”


Gazala is a trained dancer, actor and singer. She is familiar with over six dance forms including Indian classical dance. She has done an acting course from the UK, but intends to further brush up her acting skills by doing a crash course in Mumbai.


Sources said that White Tulip films have recently shot a big budget music video as a test project and are planning to get into TV software production in India in a big way. “We have launched a mega project and will be producing and packaging TV software like speciality travel, lifestyle, living and fashion shows including Reality Shows for the Indian Television market. We plan to invest about Rs 50 crore initially in the Indian TV software market during the financial year 2010. Besides this, we have embarked another Rs 50 crore for four Bollywood film projects,” says Martin Samuel, President of White Tulip Films of Canada in an exclusive interview to this journalist.  White Tulip Films also offers angel and venture funding for interesting film projects. Their business model is based on inviting various partners to co-produce a film with the company playing an advisory role, also ensuring that returns are guaranteed to the investors.


While Gazala or her publicist Flynn Remedios were unwilling to comment further, sources said that she will also be doing a Dance and Beauty Reality show titled Dancing Beauty for the production house White Tulip Films. The show is expected to go on floors by end December this year.


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