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Super model’s presence in Reality Show Bigg Boss sparks off a series of articles on Indian television in the European press


Popular supermodel Claudia Ciesla gets Channel Colours a few million new viewers from Europe.

By Frank Franklyn – Futuristic Media Network

When Endemol India and the channel Colours decided to sign on German supermodel Claudia Ciesla for the third season of their very popular show Bigg Boss, maybe they didn’t realise that Claudia – who is a very popular ramp and fashion model in Germany and the rest of Europe – would become some sort of a brand ambassadress for Indian Television.


Knowingly or unknowingly, Colours as a brand has ensured that its reach has spread to Europe and Germany for sure. Says Claudia Ciesla’s manager in Germany Gergor Kaden, “A lot of people in Germany have begun watching the channel Colours thanks to Claudia as she is very popular as a model, singer and fashionista out here. While the channel would have otherwise been an unknown entity among the common man in places like France, Germany, Italy, Poland, etc., Claudia’s presence and persistence in Bigg Boss has sparked off a flurry of media activity.” In the last six months, there must have been about 2-3 articles on Indian television, but the last two months has seen about 8-10 stories on the ‘booming Indian television market’.


Claudia Ciesla’s Indian publicist Flynn Remedios – himself a senior journalist and Media Analyst says: “While Bollywood and Bollywood movies were discussed and have been mentioned time and again in the European press and media, in the last two months, thanks to Claudia Ciesla’s ongoing stint in the popular Reality Show Bigg Boss, Indian Television shows have become the apple of the European media’s eye. At least 8-10 articles have appeared in the mainline European print media in the last one month alone,” explains Flynn, adding that one of the biggest German (and European) papers BILD has published two articles on Bigg Boss and Indian television shows in the last one month itself.


“A prestigious eco-political magazine FOCUS has also written about Indian Television. Local newspapers in Germany, Poland (from where Claudia originally hails) and Baveria (where she currently stays) have also run articles on Reality Shows in India,” adds Flynn Remedios displaying the clippings of these articles. “It’s not just the tabloid press or the entertainment media that’s suddenly taking additional interest in India. It’s also the business, commercial and financial media. Analytical articles have appeared on the advertising potential, the reach, etc of Indian channels like Colours. Even the quality of Indian TV programming and software has come under scrutiny with the latter coming out in a very positive and encouraging way,” explains Remedios. “Indian TV shows, their packaging, presentation, style, concept, publicity strategy and the works are now being discussed in detail in the European trade media,” informs Flynn Remedios, who tracks the international media with an eagle’s eye for his clients.


Another media analyst and entertainment journalist, Rejane Coelho opines that Claudia Ciesla’s participation has bridged Indian television with the mainline European media.

 “It’s not just the print media in Germany and Europe, even local television channels have run clips and footage of the Indian version of Bigg Boss regularly, showcasing Claudia Ciesla’s performance – something which they probably would not have done if she was not in the show. She could barely speak a few words in Hindi when she very bravely went into the Bigg Boss house,” says Remedios, who was responsible for Claudia Ciesla’s media strategy, branding and imaging in India.

 “Even I was worried. How would Claudia cope? How would she manage when her culture, customs, diet and lifestyle are so very different?” But Claudia Ciesla the fighter has managed to stick on for almost ten weeks, when others like Sherlyn Chopra with a much greater fan following were evicted in the first phase of the show itself.” Between Greg and myself, we had given her 6-8 weeks, says Remedios, but she has really done well for herself. “When the show went on air, some of my media friends and even editors said Claudia Ciesla was a bimbette and kinda dumb. But that was a well-thought of strategy to lie low and stick around,” adds Remedios whose strategy has probably helped his client do what other Indian actresses like Sherlyn Chopra (co-incidentally his former client) failed to comprehend. Keeping a low profile, lying low was a rehearsed strategy. Claudia Ciesla is otherwise a very aggressive woman with fire in her belly, says Remedios.



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