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Mumbai, Sunday 6th December 2009: Mumbai-based film production house Raaj Varma Entertainment today formally introduced their thriller film THE LUCKY 13TH. Speaking at a press conference today, producer Raaj Varma of Raaj Varma Entertainment said, “We promise audiences the most spell-binding entertainment ever.”

Director Praveen Dodeja assured his viewers one of the most unforgettable visual experiences ever seen on Indian screens. “While the film is pregnant with gore, brutality and grime, we will adhere to basic levels of decency and also ensure that it’s within the parameters acceptable to the Indian Censor Board,” said Praveen Dodeja.

In the film, 13 young people all mysteriously inter-connected with each other find themselves in a desolate fort in the middle of no-where. A sinister fight to survive and get out of the place by killing the others is unleashed on the hapless 13 who have no choice but to heed the diktak of the evil monster. Only one will survive the ordeal, but not before he or she has brutally done to death the rest of the gang. The film stars German super model Claudia Ciesla (currently locked up in the Bigg Boss House and TV actor Swapna Tiwari besides 11 others.

The film, which is multilingual, will be released in various languages across the world and will compete for eyeballs with some of the best studios in Bollywood as well as Hollywood, said Flynn Remedios, Media Advisor and Executive Producer for the project. “In terms of marketing and presentation, The Lucky 13th from Raaj Varma Entertainment will compare to some of the best products from Hollywood studios, if not excell in the industry,” said Flynn Remedios. The film goes on floors in the third week of December and is expected to be completed by end Feburary 2010. The film will release around May 2010, said Producer Raaj Varma.


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Melissa DeCosta / Flynn Remedios

Tel: +919821666000 / +919819233444       Email:  flynn.media@gmail.com

Facebook:           http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Lucky-13th/157436051745?ref=mf

Website:              http://thelucky13th-thefilm.com          Blog:  http://thelucky13th-thefilm.blogspot.com


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