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Actresses exchange blows at film party as catfight gets brutal




By Frank Franklyn – Futuristic Media Network


Professional rivalry and a killer attitude fuelled by days of rehearsals required for a brutal thriller movie THE LUCKY 13TH took its toll on the artistes as two of the leading ladies nearly came to blows, threw their drinks at each other and exchanged the most vulgar cuss words. Actresses Jennifer and Swapna Tiwari were rivals from day one when they had auditioned for the film three months ago. Both were vying for the main meaty roles. While both managed to get substantial roles in the film, the rivalry only grew and reached a climax at the film party.


Says our source, “The actresses didn’t see each other in the eye during the entire press conference. There seemed to be a major cold war between them. When the press meet got over, and drinks were served both of them coincidently happened to be sitting next to each other for a photo session. Jennifer didn’t take kindly to Swapna’s laughing and flirting with her male co-star Sunny and before one could say ‘peace’ a high-voltage catfight was underway. Abuses were exchanged with cuss words flying all over the place. Finally an irritated Jennifer flung her glass at Swapna Tiwari who sustained a cut on her hand. At this stage the production people and co-stars intervened and physically separated the warring artistes packing them off into their cars.


In the film THE LUCKY 13TH produced by Raaj Varma Entertainment, 13 young people all mysteriously inter-connected with each other find themselves in a desolate fort in the middle of no-where. A sinister fight to survive and get out of the place by killing the others is unleashed on the hapless 13 who have no choice but to heed the diktak of the evil monster. Only one will survive the ordeal, but not before he or she has brutally done to death the rest of the gang. The film stars German super model Claudia Ciesla (currently locked up in the Bigg Boss House, TV actor Swapna Tiwari, Jennifer besides 10 others.

Meanwhile at the press conference held earlier before the party, Mumbai-based film production house Raaj Varma Entertainment formally introduced their thriller film THE LUCKY 13TH. Speaking at the press conference, producer Raaj Varma of Raaj Varma Entertainment said, “We promise audiences the most spell-binding entertainment ever.”

Director Praveen Dodeja assured his viewers one of the most unforgettable visual experiences ever seen on Indian screens. “While the film is pregnant with gore, brutality and grime, we will adhere to basic levels of decency and also ensure that it’s within the parameters acceptable to the Indian Censor Board,” said Praveen Dodeja.

The film, which is multi lingual, will be released in various languages across the world and will compete for eyeballs with some of the best studios in Bollywood as well as Hollywood, said Flynn Remedios, Media Advisor and Executive Producer for the project. The film goes on floors in the third week of December and is expected to be completed by end Feburary 2010. The film will release around May 2010, said Producer Raaj Varma.



Pic 1: Cast of the film THE LUCKY 13th pose for the media with director Praveen Dodeja

Pic 2 to Pic 7: Cast of the film THE LUCKY 13th pose for the media

Pic 8 – 9: The Catfight begins

Pic 10 to Pic 13: Abuses are exchanged between Jennifer and Swapna (in denim shorts)

Pic 14: Jennifer throws her glass at Swapna Tiwari

Pic 15: An injured Swapna Tiwari shuts her eyes as she sustains a cut on her hand. Notice the broken pieces of glass on the floor.

Pic 16: Jennifer stands up to punch Swapna Tiwari. Their co-stars intervene and separate the warring ladies.






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