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Model Natasha Sikka files police complaint against online stalker


By Frank Franklyn – Global Entertainment News Network

Mumbai-based model and actress Natasha Sikka has filed a complaint with the Mumbai cyber crime cell against a former friend who has allegedly been sending out false and defamatory emails to various professional acquaintances of the model.

According to Flynn Remedios, publicist and spokesperson for Natasha Sikka, “the model was briefly engaged about two years ago to a Delhite. When she called off the engagement on grounds of cruelty and harassment, her incensed former boyfriend started sending out false and defamatory emails to her professional contacts like photographers and web portals. The accused person also put up a vulgar and indecent blog about the model claiming falsely that she is being investigated for fraud. His emails threaten legal action for copy right infringement claiming to be sent from a law firm head quartered in England, under the false email identity of Yogendra Pratap Singh.” The police are trying to track down the IP address and location of the sender who has been going about this scandalous deed with great impunity.

Natasha Sikka has informed the Mumbai Cyber Crime cell which is trying to track down the sender.  Flynn Remedios who runs the Futuristic Media Network news and content syndication service, also received some defamatory emails and crank calls threatening him with dire consequences for promoting and supporting the model.





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