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By Frank Franklyn – Futuristic Media Network

Shocking title isn’t it. But it is true. The sexy, cute super model from Germany may soon be seen as a cold-blooded killer in the brutal Raaj Varma Entertainment thriller movie THE LUCKY 13TH.  According to our sources, Claudia Ciesla’s role in the movie will demand her to brutally kill at least two people to survive as per the script of the movie.


While Claudia Ciesla may be locked away in the Bigg Boss house at Lonavla,  a little birdie from Bollywood tells us that the 22-year-old German super model is soon expected to be seen in – as director Praveen Dodeja puts it – “the scariest movie ever made in India”.


Yes we are talking about the Praveen Dodeja directed; Raaj Varma Entertainment produced film THE LUCKY 13TH. Confirming this development Claudia Ciesla’s spokesperson and Executive Producer of THE LUCKY 13TH Flynn Remedios said, “Claudia Ciesla will most probably be a part of this project. We are trying to work things out as this is a big project and Claudia’s presence would add a twist to the story.”


While neither the director nor the Executive Producer were willing to share further details about the film, sources told us that The Lucky 13th will indeed be the scariest movie ever made in India. It is pregnant with blood and gore and is definitely a very, if not the most brutal film ever made. In the film 13 people – all connected to each other through an online game – are stuck in an abandoned Fort in the middle of nowhere. The 13 people chosen by a devilish and sinister entity are some of the best players of the game and have scored the highest points while killing the enemy in the online game. They all find themselves locked in a Fort and the only way to save their own lives is to KILL the other. In the film THE LUCKY 13TH produced by Raaj Varma Entertainment, 13 young people all mysteriously inter-connected with each other find themselves in a desolate fort in the middle of no-where. A sinister fight to survive and get out of the place by killing the others is unleashed on the hapless 13 who have no choice but to heed the diktak of the evil monster. Only one will survive the ordeal, but not before he or she has brutally done to death the rest of the gang. The film stars German super model Claudia Ciesla (currently locked up in the Bigg Boss House, TV actor Swapna Tiwari, Jennifer besides 10 others.


Actress Sapna Tiwari who has done several short films and TV serials is slated to play the main lead in the film says our sources while Claudia Ciesla will enact the second female lead. According to Flynn Remedios, this is the first time a film in this genre is being made in India, While horror films are common, a film with replete with loads of brutality, violence and gore hasn’t been ever done before in Bollywood.


How will the sexy yet cute and beautiful, soft-natured and delicious Claudia Ciesla manage to pull off a role as a brutal killer remains to be seen?



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